Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rock and Roll

This morning I got up early and got out the doors.I spent the early part of the day out at a point of land here that has what is called an inukshuk.An Inukshuk is a stone sculptor that looks like a man and its points out that the Inuit were there.Why is this important.Well last weekend I won a photo challenge from Tips from the Top Floor.That is a pod cast from a German photographer ,Chris Marquardt ,that has done over 300 shows and is a real great teacher of digital photography.His web site ,,has a forum that is excellent.They host a weekly photo challenge and I won.So for the next week I got to pick the theme.I picked rocks.So here it is Rock and Roll

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Climbing Mount Adams (spritualy)

It has been a while since I have have added to this blog.It has been to say the least a turbulent couple of weeks here.Many decisions being made and re-made.

I am at a cross road in my life.Caught between a life of security and a life of passion and fire that has been awaken in me.

Tonight I am watching an film on Ansel Adams.With out doubt my favorite photographer and most influential on me.

Ansel Adams in the beginning of his career even took pictures of grads and weddings to make a living while pursuing is art.I feel much the same.I want to have photography as a career but have much weight holding me back.Over the last weeks A decision has been reach.One more year then I can start my goal.We will see if the Passion is still awake by this time next year.

This is this weeks photo.A study in Black and White.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Tutorails

Well first a belated happy mothers day to all the mothers out there.Yesterday I attempted to create my first gimp image.Thank goodness for the Internet.There are so many free tutorials on You tube that I manage to spend half the day just playing around with gimp.I shot several pictures of the kids.I will post the results tonight.Here is my entry for thhe tfttf contest.It called growth.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cold Spring Days

In most of the country spring has sprung.Here however,the snow still covers the ground and the temperatures still hover below freezing.Hard to take a good photo in this weather but I changed my focus (yes the pun was intended)and decided to take some portraits of my little girl.Jasmine will turn four in a month or so and is the sweetest little face you have ever seen.There is so much hope and determination in here eyes.You see she has cerebral palsy and still is unable to walk.

Working with kids is never easy and working with a make shift studio using natural light was even more of an challenge.The only way to control the light was to move the curtains.As the day progressed so did the set.Here is the best of the shots.