Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A long time coming

Well yesterday I finally blew the dust off of the lights and took some self portraits.I haven't really felt like shooting much lately as life has had me in a funk.how ever lately I have felt my creative juices flowing as the morning light has become lovely.
I must get back into the Tips From The Top Floors contests.Its hard .I really only have one day to shoot the theme so I am under a time crunch,but the competition is good to drive ones photography.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reasearch,Computer Promblems and Life

Well its a Sunday and life is moving on.I came to a realization that the only hobby right now that I can do that doesn't cost me a small fortune is photography.That's a small victory.
Recently My main computer has had problems.This is the computer that I use for photo editing.It is my main computer.It sucks that it isn't really working.
I have done some research on finding covered bridges in New Brunswick.I didn't really realize how many that there were.It great.i cant wait til I get out and start to shoot these.I am trying to create a really nice book out of this.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have spent the weekend experimenting on HDR photography.I love the vivid colors and rich details that these type of photos produce.I have down loaded some plug in in gimp to help with this process.

For any one who doesn't understand hdr photography it is a combination of a series of photos taken at different exposures then combined in a digital editing photo program such as gimp.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rain and the best laid plans

Yesterday I stated that I wanted to plan a project that would not only leave a body of work but also challenge my photographic senses.So after long thoughts I have decided to photograph as many of New Brunswick's covered bridges as possible.With the recent weather issues in the province I came to realize how important and fragile these wooden structures are.
The wooden bridge was the choice of builders during their day .The have provided a refuge from weather,a quiet place for young love and platform for young people to prove there bravery through bounding leaps through out the years.
I will start mapping the route that I must take .Weekday nights will be spent finding some these treasures and planing day trips through out the province.Many of these bridges are in Charlotte county,the county that I grew up in.Many of these bridges hold special meaning for me as I too was one those brave boys who would leap off of the bridge to the cool water that lay before.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year and A New Decades

Well its a new year and a new decade.Its time for me to push my photography and my blogging to new heights.On the photography front I want to do a project.On the blogging front I ant to get a blog where I am a regular contributor of some meaningful information,thoughts or news.I hope that over the next year you will enjoy my ramblings.

On the photography front I really want to start to create a body of work.Something I can be proud of and a vision of how I see the world.With the flooding in south western NB this past December I realized how delicate the covered bridges that dot the area really are.I have decided to try and photograph as many of them as possible.I have decided to take these photo's over an extended period of time.I will post more as it develops.(Sorry about the pun)