Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Wish List

The holiday season is upon us and its time think about those photographers on our list.What do we want,what new toy would make the little person in you giggle with joy.
For me it would be a new lens baby or id love even a mac maybe .

I just saw a really neat Nicon point shoot camera that actually projects your slide show on to a wall or any flat white surface that is just that tall. A set of radio triggers for my lights would be fun or even a vacation to shoot in the sun.A day with kids to shoot and relax or a new job offer on the fax.A great tripod would be neat or a warm pair of boots to put on my feet.A fire to lay by on a cold winters night or a brand new cannon speed light.A set of off camera flashes to do some strobist.And now i have come to the end of my list.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shooting Around the Christmas Tree

I love the holidays.The lights ,the food and most of all the tree.I take great pride in decorating the perfect tree.I love to photograph the tree as well.I was reading another blog tonight about photographing Christmas and one idea was to shoot close ups of ornaments.Here is my try at it.

Photographic Charity

There is an old say that charity is were the heart is,and in the case of Alas Media it were the photography begins.Ibarionex Perello is a photographer ,pod caster and member of a group of young artist.The charity was called "Help Portrait Day".It was a chance for people in need to have a formal holiday portrait done for free.Ibarionex Perello and his group of students created two studio spaces and gave back to the community in a unique way.I too have used photographs to give back.For the past 4 years I have been the official photographer of the kids day with Santa .he money raised from the photographs goes to the local food bank.Many people believe that the only way to be charitable is give money but many times money is only the end to the means .Charity always starts at the heart.

Here are links to
Ibarionex Perello's blog

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Big Shoot with a Big Model

Well yesterday I got to do a photo shoot with a big model.Both literal and figuratively.Yesterday the store that I work for had their annual kids day with Santa.I have been the unofficial staff photographer for several years now but this year it was different.I had bought a set of strobes for my own use and I used them to provide better lighting.
The set up was a simple one.One strobe at half power with a small soft box as a fill light and a strobe with an umbrella off to my left as the key light.
The set was also fairly simple.The walls were covered with some Christmas wrap.A tree,some presents and a reindeer.An armchair completed the set up.We had over 170 kids come through in about two and a half hour.We printed the pictures right on site.It was quite a day.