Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday museing

Well its Sunday morning and there is coffee in the pot and the Australian grand prix on the TV.I love racing,especially open wheel racing.As sit here and watch the camera angles and shots that the BBC uses as their coverage I see shots that would make great photos.I cant wait to get to the Edmonton Indy to get my chance to shoot.I hope that I can rent a decent large lens that i get some good shots.The problem with shooting motor sports you are quite far away and you need to have a fast lens.This will be the first year that I have had a good digital camera to shoot.This I hope will be a big difference in my shooting style.I can shoot and shoot and not have to worry about how much it will cost me to develop the film.
Yesterday I shot my favorite subject up here.A red hut that is beside my house.I am not sure why I love it so much but it calls to me.It is an old Hudson Bay company out building that a neighbor has bought and uses as storage.It white with a red door.There is lots of texture and the light and shadow plays well in the shots that I take.It also was a subject of one of my first photographic exercises.The course that I was taking asked us to look at an building over period of time.The excises was to observe the way that light hit the structure over an entire day and then over several days.I find my self drawn to this building .I have shot it in B&W,color in portrait and landscape.I have yet to take the perfect photo of it but have been pleased with many of the outcomes of my experiments.
I am still studying my camera.I have come to the conclusion that the more I play with it the better photographer I will become.
Toady's shot is ones of the red hut.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pic of the Day

Well I haven't checked my email for a while and today I received a letter from CBC Canada.The morning news has selected one of my photo's as there picture of the day.Man oh man i was seen in millions of houses today.Well I hope it isn't my 15 mins.of fame.
Here is the raw pic of the caribou that CBC used.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Hard Lesson Learned

If you have ever spent any time on airplanes you notice one thing and that's when the flight attendant starts to talk the passengers zone out.On a recent trip from the nearest big city to home,after 3 days of trying to get home (delays due to weather) I was pretty zoned out when I went to get off the plane.Clearly I remember that the flight attended saying make sure all your cabin baggage is with you but I was so glad to get home that I bolted for the terminal.After an half hour or so I asked my wife if she had seen my camera bag.Panic then in sued when I realized that the bag was still on the plane.Two days later the bag and all the contents was returned safely to me.A big thanks to Calm air.
When I was out, I bought a couple of books and spent quite a bit of times shooting.I also picked up a tripod and a lens hood.
Here are a couple of more shots from the collection of shots in Winnipeg.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

city scapes and doors

Well i have been in the big city all week.Lots of running around and lots of goods shots .The Flickr group weekly themes has a theme this week of doors so this this my submision.This week I also bought some books and some equiptment.hopefuly this will help.If not at least I will have something to read on the 6 hour plane ride back home.
I call this photo Door 633