Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Hard Lesson Learned

If you have ever spent any time on airplanes you notice one thing and that's when the flight attendant starts to talk the passengers zone out.On a recent trip from the nearest big city to home,after 3 days of trying to get home (delays due to weather) I was pretty zoned out when I went to get off the plane.Clearly I remember that the flight attended saying make sure all your cabin baggage is with you but I was so glad to get home that I bolted for the terminal.After an half hour or so I asked my wife if she had seen my camera bag.Panic then in sued when I realized that the bag was still on the plane.Two days later the bag and all the contents was returned safely to me.A big thanks to Calm air.
When I was out, I bought a couple of books and spent quite a bit of times shooting.I also picked up a tripod and a lens hood.
Here are a couple of more shots from the collection of shots in Winnipeg.

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