Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Warm Winters Day

Well its the last day of February and the weather here should be in the -30 c somethings,but when I awoke this morning It was only -11c.I know,I know that that sounds cold,but put into focus when you spend months of being in a deep freeze when the temperature start to rise so dose spirits.This has been a great week for me.Watching Canada put on one of the best Olympics games ever and the success that they are enjoying,doing a photo shoot that was very successful and selling my first photos.I also have become more aware of other photographic opportunities in my area for photography hopefully I can convert some of them into sales.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Big Day

Well finally I did it.I got paid for a photo that I created.On last Saturday I did a photo shoot with a local family.Using digital backgrounds that I purchased back in last summer.I didn't make much but it is at least a start.I guess I can call my self a professional photographer now.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shoot for the Day

Well after a revelation of street photography I decided to talk an indoor photo walk.I shoot a lot of black and white images of items and kids around the house.My daughter ,who is a natural at posing ,helped by being my main subject.I also did some work for the TFTTF photo challenge this week which is scape.My entry will be snow scape.


Today I had a revaluation.I was reading an article about street style photography from National Geographic magazine and they talked about being close to your subject.One of my favorite black and white photo's that I have taking was a street photo of a fiddle player in a market in Winnipeg Canada.I took it from a balcony and the subject wasn't aware of the shot.I have always loved candid shots.A quick glimpse into the life of someone else life.Today I realize that if I approach a person and they pose for me or act silly that is as much as a part of there story as the candid shot I seek.That is a key to street photography.I am shy in general but I could find a great home in street photography and cant wait till I can get out for my morning walks.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Shoot

Well it finally happened.I had my first professional photo shoot.It didn't go quite as I had planned but it went well.The set up was easy enough.A small set of strobes set up in my kitchen.The space was tight but it worked.I planned to shoot a lot of high key images but that didn't always work.I like the images that I took.The posing was good.The post production work on them went pretty well.I hope the client like them as well.Here are some the images from the day.

Photo Day

Well today is a huge day.I hope this is a turning point in my life.I will take every thing that I have started and enter a path that I hope will lead me to my own gold.Today I will do my first paid photo shoot at the house.I have been asked to take some photos of one of my employees kid at my work place.I am nervous but quietly confident that this will be a turning point.Now I just have to up the energy level in my self as it has been a long week.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Shoot

Well in a short I will be shooting another free bee for my employer.This just sucks.I wish I could get paid for what I enjoy.Maybe this weekend as I start my photography business.I have lined up the first of a series paying customers.

Photoraghing Houses

Well to today I have to shoot the inside of several houses for the company that I work for.It is not art but at least for part of the day I will be able to have some fun.Also this weekend I have my 1st professional shoot.I will be doing a child shoot for a employee.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the Air

Today is Valentines day and with that you cant help but think of love.I think of many pictures that help convey that sense.The wedding photo,even in this modern day ,is a way of conveying the the love and joy of one special day.It still an occupation when stated has a sense of awe about it.The Wedding Photographer.You are such things that dreams are made of.It is very much more technical than what it seems.To capture cutting edge images and still capture the love isn't easy.It is a true craft.

Eight days A Week

I have mentioned before of my love for the Beatles.Their music has been an inspiration for me for many years.I love the cycadelic imagery that their songs form.The title of this post comes from their early work.It is very true.When you Tully love something it with you eight days a week.All the time 24-7.That is true with my photography.If I am not doing it I am editing photos.I spend a lot time watching YouTube and trying to learn technique.I love experimentation.Many great photos have been happy mistakes.Today I hope to do some happy photography.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photo Shop,You Tube and Learning

I am a huge Internet fan.I love the availability of information,especially on how to use photo shop.As a photographer it is an invaluable tool.With the ability giving to the editor to remove item,touch ups and other tricks a photograph is more than a representation of the actual vision.
I wonder what some of the great photographers of the last century would be able to do with these tools.What images would flow from the silicon darkroom.I have a new challenge.To try to use the philosophy of great photographers of the last century and add a digital touch.


Well after years of waiting the 2010 games opened last night with quite a show.Having a background in theater I realize the work that goes into a production of that size.The graphics that were used were amazing.Lots of projected graphics.It was truly amazing .My kids were glued to the show.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olympic Fever

Well its less than 24 hours away from the opening ceremonies of the 2010 games in Vancouver.All of Canada will be watching.I would love to be one of the accredit photographers.They will be up close to the action .Getting in the right position is critical for good sports photography.You need a good knowledge of the sport that you are photographing as well as the ability to quickly pre-vision what you would like the final image to be.Here is my Vancouver 2010 avatar for face book.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Olympics

The Olympics is probably the most photographed sporting event in the world.There will be over 600 accredit sports photographer from around the world.The Olympic organizers have developed several photo services centers including repair facilities and media processing.This will be one of the most widely seen events in the 21st century. would love to be a part of that.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Looking for Speed

I have mentioned that this should be a summer of change for me.One change for me is that I hope to be able to shoot the Edmonton Indy.I have already found a site that dose lens rentals and I hope to be able to use a 400mm pro lens.This years Indy will be the first that I can use my digital slr.So tons of photos,lots of editing and the sport that I love.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday

Today two teams will become the most photograph people on the planet today.Every year at the kick off of the super bowl the is a sea of flash that go off.I always wonder what the thousands of images produce.What memories are created.Most of the time when those flashes go off it is a complete waste of time.The throw distance of the flash isn't enough to illuminate the players or freeze the action.I hope that this years super bowl will only be the a sports story and not lead news story.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chaseing the Light

As a photographer light is the most important part of equation.No light no photo.But I wonder how many people understand the complexity of light,Last night I watch a documentary on light.It was fascinating look what we see,feel and are controlled by every day.Living in the Arctic you feel more emotionally connected to light.The lack of light in the winter and the over dose of it in summer.As the sun just peeks over the horizon I wonder what the light will show me today?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No Reservation

Tonight ,after working all day and doing freight half the night,I am settling down watching Anthony Bourdain`s TV show called No Reservations.It follows a New York chef on his travels around the world.I would love to do this my self.Taking pictures and seeing the world.I grew up reading old copies of National Geographic and wanted to see the world.I loved the pictures from far off places and even today National Geographic has some the most stunning images I have ever seen.I want to explore more street style photography.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Lesson Never too Late to Learn

This morning I herd a quote" It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” ~Harry Truman~ and its had me thinking all day long about the way we learn.I learn best by thorough explanation followed by hands on trial.I also found a photography web site that is a study of portraiture from the early 70's and although the style is a bit dated the information is very relevant.I cant wait till I put what I read to use.