Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nunuk (the great hunter)

Today I became nanuk( the great hunter) .I have been working on a assingment for the head office of the company that I work for.I have been given a list and need to shoot the items on the list and interpet what my vision is.

The photo I posted is one that I took today.It is of a iniut hunter at our local heritage center.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Triple Play

Tech is wonderful,or so they say.Today its not in my good books.I have been fighting tech all day long.My computers has been giving me a hard time,I cant send photos by email ,and then to top it all off the memory stick for my camera breaks.Some time the old ways are the best. I am trying to finish my photographic asingment from my head office.They asked me to shoot around town for a prensentation.All day long I have fought the email system to transfer these files and in the end I burned them to a CD and droped it in the snail mail.

I got home and try to shoot my photo of the day.This is my new challeng to my self.Shoot at least one creative photo a day.That dosent mean I am shooting one shot but I wont stop till I get a decent shot in the can.

Here today's shot.I shot into a bathroom mirror that had 3 doors.Low tech yes,decent shot maybe.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Equiptment Cant Make You A Better Photographer

Well there an old argument that speaks of the type of camera or tripod or etc you may own will not make make you a better photgrapher.For the most part this last statement is true except when it comes to a digital camera.I agree the only way to get better is to shoot lots but when I was shooting film I had it in my mind that every shot had to count.It was a hassel to send the film out to get process and then it would take weeks to get the prints back.Not to mention the cost of the process of getting the fiulm developed.I purchased a digital slr this year and in turn am shooting hundreds of shoots.hopefuly the old adages will get a new spin in the modern technolical times.

This photo is one that i submitted to a flickr group that I joined call the weekly asingment group.This weeks asingment was "sprase"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Now

Why now,why this blog?

Well today I became more of a photographer.I actually got an assignment that will put my work before several hundred people at a meeting.

I live in the Canadian Arctic and have been an avid photographer for the past couple of years.To date most of my photography has been shots of family and friends.Once a year I get a chance to take shots of the kids with Santa.

Why this blog,well that is an interesting question.I created Shooting from the Hip to follow the progress of my photography through out the years.

I hope to post some examples of my work.Here are a few.