Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Triple Play

Tech is wonderful,or so they say.Today its not in my good books.I have been fighting tech all day long.My computers has been giving me a hard time,I cant send photos by email ,and then to top it all off the memory stick for my camera breaks.Some time the old ways are the best. I am trying to finish my photographic asingment from my head office.They asked me to shoot around town for a prensentation.All day long I have fought the email system to transfer these files and in the end I burned them to a CD and droped it in the snail mail.

I got home and try to shoot my photo of the day.This is my new challeng to my self.Shoot at least one creative photo a day.That dosent mean I am shooting one shot but I wont stop till I get a decent shot in the can.

Here today's shot.I shot into a bathroom mirror that had 3 doors.Low tech yes,decent shot maybe.

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