Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Equiptment Cant Make You A Better Photographer

Well there an old argument that speaks of the type of camera or tripod or etc you may own will not make make you a better photgrapher.For the most part this last statement is true except when it comes to a digital camera.I agree the only way to get better is to shoot lots but when I was shooting film I had it in my mind that every shot had to count.It was a hassel to send the film out to get process and then it would take weeks to get the prints back.Not to mention the cost of the process of getting the fiulm developed.I purchased a digital slr this year and in turn am shooting hundreds of shoots.hopefuly the old adages will get a new spin in the modern technolical times.

This photo is one that i submitted to a flickr group that I joined call the weekly asingment group.This weeks asingment was "sprase"

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