Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Wish List

The holiday season is upon us and its time think about those photographers on our list.What do we want,what new toy would make the little person in you giggle with joy.
For me it would be a new lens baby or id love even a mac maybe .

I just saw a really neat Nicon point shoot camera that actually projects your slide show on to a wall or any flat white surface that is just that tall. A set of radio triggers for my lights would be fun or even a vacation to shoot in the sun.A day with kids to shoot and relax or a new job offer on the fax.A great tripod would be neat or a warm pair of boots to put on my feet.A fire to lay by on a cold winters night or a brand new cannon speed light.A set of off camera flashes to do some strobist.And now i have come to the end of my list.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shooting Around the Christmas Tree

I love the holidays.The lights ,the food and most of all the tree.I take great pride in decorating the perfect tree.I love to photograph the tree as well.I was reading another blog tonight about photographing Christmas and one idea was to shoot close ups of ornaments.Here is my try at it.

Photographic Charity

There is an old say that charity is were the heart is,and in the case of Alas Media it were the photography begins.Ibarionex Perello is a photographer ,pod caster and member of a group of young artist.The charity was called "Help Portrait Day".It was a chance for people in need to have a formal holiday portrait done for free.Ibarionex Perello and his group of students created two studio spaces and gave back to the community in a unique way.I too have used photographs to give back.For the past 4 years I have been the official photographer of the kids day with Santa .he money raised from the photographs goes to the local food bank.Many people believe that the only way to be charitable is give money but many times money is only the end to the means .Charity always starts at the heart.

Here are links to
Ibarionex Perello's blog

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Big Shoot with a Big Model

Well yesterday I got to do a photo shoot with a big model.Both literal and figuratively.Yesterday the store that I work for had their annual kids day with Santa.I have been the unofficial staff photographer for several years now but this year it was different.I had bought a set of strobes for my own use and I used them to provide better lighting.
The set up was a simple one.One strobe at half power with a small soft box as a fill light and a strobe with an umbrella off to my left as the key light.
The set was also fairly simple.The walls were covered with some Christmas wrap.A tree,some presents and a reindeer.An armchair completed the set up.We had over 170 kids come through in about two and a half hour.We printed the pictures right on site.It was quite a day.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Flu Season

In Canada we seem to have a more than the traditional 4 seasons.We have mud season and FLU season.I have been sick for what seems like ever and the amount of photography I have done has suffered from it.I have done some work for the company that I work for.It is not very changing work but its taking photographs.
On Dec 5Th I have a major photo shoot coming.I will be taking kids photos with Santa.last year we took 300 or so photos.All the money raised goes to the diabetes foundation.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This morning I am to say the least frustrated.I recently bought a set of strobes and of course they don't work properly.I bought them from EBay.Recently my EBay experiences have not been the best.I tried to buy a copy of a photo editing software only to be ripped off.Now I have bought what I hoped was something that was going to be the savior of the winter for my photography.being up here in the Arctic it's very challenging to photography at -40.So I hoped that I would be able to use these strobes to set my studio in my house.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Joining Up

Today another part of my photographic journey began.I joined CAPA.The Canadian Association for Photographic Art.It is an national organization for the furtherment of the photographic arts.It is affiliated with a number of photographic clubs across Canada and they hold competitions and works shops.
I am not sure what this will give me.I hope it will open up my thoughts and creative eye by viewing others work and possibly entering some of the competitions that will test me.

Shooting From The Dark Side

"You shoot from the dark side",this was the quote that got me thinking.Tonight I sit here and watch a retrospective of the work of Canadian photojournalist Ted Grant.The quote refers to his style of shooting from the shadow side of subject.Ted's style has led him to take some of the most iconic Canadian photographs over the last half of the 20th century.

Shooting mostly in black and white Ted Grants works cover every thing from the political life of prime minsters to the historic photo of Ben Johnson winning the gold medal in the Sole Olympics.

Ted Grant and I share one item.My father at the end of his life suffered from an affliction called tri-geminal neuralgia.This is a painful condition of the nerves in the face.Ted Grant also suffered from this condition and over came it.
The biggest things that I take from Teds works is the back lighting that is his trade mark.Shoot from the shadows.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A new Challenge

Today I created a new challenge for my self.I have decide to take a picture a day for the 30 days.I have been watching Chase Jarvis and his new project of "best camera".Chase has produced a book of photos all taken with his I-phone and the new apps that he help developed.
The best way to help challenge yourself is to take lots of photos.This I hope is a way to develop a new photographic eye.
here is today's entry.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning Curve

The learning curve.It's a term we have herd many times,but what is it really?We as human beings all learn at different rates and in different styles.Some people can instantly sit down read the instructions and precisely get to the task at hand.Some people learn best by jumping in and tearing apart the task and making mistakes.Others learn best one on one.Having that interaction between one human and another.The latter is me.I learn best by having a person to bounce my thoughts off of and being shown,but recently I have discovered a new way of one one learning.Youtube!

Youtube is a new library that will on any day have a video on almost any subject that you like.For me it is photography.I love the fact that I can simply type in the subject that i want to learn about and a list of videos produced mainly by amateurs show up.I have learned about dramatic photography,how to start a photography business and studio lighting.

So this is my thank you to Youtube and the people that take the time to post videos for other to watch.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nobel Prize

Today they announced that Willard Boyle won the Nobel prize for physics.Why is this important,well not only is he a Canadian but he is also a maratimer.OK,OK he also invented the charged couple device that gave us digital photography.
Willard device has change the way we see the world.Today almost every one carries a camera.Weather its a DSLR or the tiny single mega pixel that is in almost every cell phone.Now millions of images bombard us every year,
In my own photography the digital revolution has re energized me to take a lot more photos.No longer dose it take days to have the photos developed and returned to me.It also will allow me to start a business that will hopefully be my legacy tot he family and maybe also the world.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Patients is a virtue,or at least that what my parents tried to teach me.In photography patients is an asset that I wish I had.I am trying to teach my self to slow down and smell the rose,so to speak.You see ,I manage a fast food restaurant.Every thing moves fast.If your too slow than the job will fly right past you.My problem I tend to rush everything(well almost everything).In my photography I long to be able to be patient enough to wait for that magic moment.
Patients is playing out in my latest purchase.This week I bought a set of strobes off of eBay.I cant wait to experiment with studio lighting.But it will take about twenty days or so to arrive.Arrgh!
remember Patients.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

En lightened

Well today I bought my first set of strobes for photography.It not a large set but it comes with some neat stuff.Some reflectors and some gels and barn doors.This I hope is the first step towards the new business.
I plan to use the next few months to learn how to use the strobes and really perfect lighting techniques.The poor kids they are already so use to the camera's i can imagine how much more they will have to put up with.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Wind

After two straight days of rain and wind finally we are enjoying a bit of sun.Not much sun grant you,but some sun.Today I hope to be able to buy a set of strobes.I have look at several companies and dealers and I think I have found the one that I like the most.

Not sure if I will get many photographs today.Its almost hockey season and I am trying to get ready for my fantasy hockey draft.Maybe I will grab the camera and record the fun.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunny Fall Days

Well fall has hit the Arctic.We have already seen our first light snow fall.There are still sunny days come to but they will be far and few between.I have had two injuries over the past month that has slowed my photography down.I just haven't felt like picking up the camera because it has become two painful.Yesterday I finally got enough strength up to do some shooting.

Most of the pictures I take are with in a few hundred yards of my house.The are images abound and they are ever changing.Many photographers get into a rut by saying I cant find anything to photograph.To that I say you are not looking to close.

This week photo is Door Knob.

Monday, September 7, 2009




Last night my wife decided to scan some baby photo of our first born son.At the time we had a cheep point and shoot film camera.Every photo of our sons first days were ruined or at least so we thought.
Now with technology I can remove the hair and other sings and were to bring back the photo to a usable print.I am not a master of Photoshop or Gimp,but in a hour or so I had a print that was usable.I was thinking what this means to the world.The amount of historic photographs and films that have been damaged or lost now have avenues to restore and be done by the average person.
Think of the thousands of photo lost in in the floods in New Orleans or the fires in LA.I am starting to fall in love with post processing software.

A Rough Week Means Back to the Books

The past week has been a rough one.I ended up pulling some mussels in my neck and spent three days in bed.This gave me a lot of time to read and review tips and photography styles.As a amature photographer the learning curve can be steep but sometimes it can also be wavy.
I find that as I attempt to produce what I see in the my minds eye my technical knowledge is not always at the level as where it should be to produce the shot.I love to experiment but not always knowing where the end result will be or knowing what exactly I have done.I keep notes,tons of scribbled message in an unreadable code to any except me.They are all over the place.Just like organizing the hundreds of photo from any given shoot, I now need to what I did to get that particular shot.So a long process in in progress.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Golden Hour

There is a time in the early morning or late evening where the sun turns everything a wonderful golden color.Photographers love this time of the day because the light is so soft and warm.Tonight I once again took one lens and walked around the neighbourhood.If you read the post earlier I challenged my self to a photo walk with one lens ,shot in black and white.Tonight I repeated this walk with the same lens but I shot in color.The sights I saw this morning where all still there but they took on a wonderful warm golden glow.Colors seemed more vibrant and details leap out at me as shadows played with depth and contrast.
Here are some of the results.looks like I cant post a picture tonight.I will post in the morning.

Morning glory

It late August and the weather is absolutely beautiful.This morning ,like most Sundays,I was up early and went for a walk with my camera.Today I gave my self one challenge.To take photo's in Black and White .The challenge I could only use one lens.The morning went well and once again the neighborhood provided many surprises.I love seeing things hidden within other items.Around here the land will reclaim anything left to its devices.
The weather soon will become to cold for outdoor photography.It will soon have a coverage of white with winds that will blow anything not nailed to the ground.Then it will be indoor photography only.
This week the photo is wood.
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A One Lens Walk

Today I went for a late afternoon walk around the property.I love these lazy walks to discover what lays a mere few feet.It awakens in me a thrill of discovery that goes back to being a kid.I spent many an hour exploring the woods that lay behind my house.Running down path at full bore only to be brought to a sudden stop by a birds nest or a piece of rope in a spot where it shouldn't be.I find this ability to spot out of place things alive and well in my photography.I many times will be looking around and see a object that just dosent belong and thats what I will shoot.
The photographs today are called bones.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Morning shoot

This morning I once again was up early to watch the European grandprix.After the race I watch the reality show "the shoot".It is a chance to win a fashion shoot with Victoria secrets and some money.The contestants all are great photographers in their own right.
I will try to go for a walk again and shoot around the house.A fresh look at the old friend.Hopefully the bugs wont be to bad.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back from beyond

Well now I have returned from my vacation with a renewed sense of photography.I will be starting to teach my self all I can about studio lighting.I hope this will further the drive towards the business that I want to start.
Yesterday was a day of travel.We left Winnipeg at 10:30 and arrived in Baker Lake early afternoon.
Here is a shot that I took before I left Winnipeg.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Morning

Well this vacation is almost over for another year.It seems to fly by so fast but I guess that comes with age.It been nice to be in civilization but in a strange way I am looking forward to getting back home.I am excited to start building my children's photography business.The next 10 months or so will be crucial.I need to build my portfolio and develop a style.Today I hope to get some props and such to develop the fantasy theme.
Last night was a lazy night here in the city.The sunset was beautiful and I tried to capture some of the grander.I will miss the city lights.I have always enjoyed a city at night and have privilege to see a few.
These shots are the best of what I shot last night.No tripod just a bunch of books piled up and shot through a 22ND floor window.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

City Scapes

Tonight I am sitting and watching some thunder heads roll across a great city sunset.When the lightning started to roll in I of course grab my camera.Trying to shoot a city scape at night is hard enough as it is ,but throw a long time exposure in for the lightning strikes well its fun to say the least.
I didn't bring a tripod on this trip.I thought that it would take to much space.I bought a mono tube this trip so I have some sort of a stable platform.I created a platform stable enough that I got a couple of decent shots.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Day At The Zoo

Well the other day I finally got to do some photography so for the next two post will be this weekends results .
My family and I headed for the zoo.It was sunny and warm when I left but by the afternoon it had clouded in and we had to duct some showers.
Shooting at the zoo did pose a few obstacles that I was not expecting.The first obstacle was the changing light conditions.The second problem was the focus.I found my self having to use the manual focus on the camera.
Over all I got some great shots.
Here are a couple.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Humpday blahs

For most working guys Wednesday is hump day.You get over the mid week hump.Well for us today has been a different type of hump day.It one getting over all the hump and bumps of medical appointments.Today my daughter has had three different appointments including her trip to the dentist.Jasmine also got her botox shots to help her with cerablepalsy.This has been one of the few days that I have not thought about photography at all.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Morning Thrashing

I was born in the mid 60's.Too late for the first wave of skateboarding and I was too old for the second wave in the 80's and 90's.I have a twelve year old who last year discovered the multi million dollar skate park in the city of Winnipeg,so this year it was all about skate boarding.We bought a cheep board and some safety equipment and he went at it.
I found that photography of sports, any sports ,is richly rewarding and challenging.I shot lots of pics at the skate park.Not just of my son but also of the local skaters and bmxers.I got some good shots and missed a lot of others.The challenge was to figure out who was doing what trick and were.It was a situation that if you had some one that would do the trick for you at a specific location it would be much easier.
Here a couple pics of what I got at the skate park.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

trains,Planes and automobiles

In the last 48 hours I have flown some thousand + miles ,driving around the city of Winnipeg and hop a steam train.Today we road a 100+ year old steam train.It was grate.When I was young my mom would talk about her father,my grandfather,who was a brakeman on the CNR.He would have worked on steam trains and this was a spiritual connection that I felt.I have always loved riding the rails and have many times.Trips to Quebec city,Moncton,Toronto and Edmonton.I love the rails.Today though there was something different.My heart started to beat faster when I herd that steam whistle.It was a dream come true.
As for photography it was great.Lots of great shots.Here is a couple.

Day 1

Today is day one of the vacation and day one of the new business.I have decided to resurrect a old friend.The business name of Acadian studios.This was my fathers old company and for many years it was my identity.My father was not a photographer but instead he was a master of his craft.He was a jeweler that create a living for my self and my mother.The reason I am choosing the name is because many people would stop in ask if we were a photographic studio.So now we will be.

I have not since arriving take out the camera.Tomorrow though will be different storey.My family and I will be taking a steam train ride so I am sure there will be lots of photos opts.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Start

In a few hour I get on airplane and head to Winnipeg.I tonight has taken a big leap towards freedom. I have bought into a photo biz that uses digital props for backgrounds.I have researched the concept for the last couple of months.Tonight I went for it.A good move we will see but it will be a dream come true so now is the time.The plan is spend one more winter in the north and polish the craft.Then in the summer of 2010 return home and open the studio full time.
Over the next 20 days or so I will be posting every day.Lots of pics so I will post as many as possible.Winnipeg will be a blank canvas's.I plan to spend one whole day doing a photo walk.
Sorry no new pic tonight.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

t-4 days and counting

This week we leave on vacation.The family and I are heading to Winnipeg.I am really looking forward to shooting in a different location.I hope to also buy some more photo equipment including a strobe set.
I haven't done too much in the way of shooting this week.Too busy but during the vacation I will be blogging everyday.
Here is the photo for the week.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

30 posts

Generally I am not a good blogger.I tend not to stick with it,but since I started with this one I have manage to be discipline enough to reach a milestone.Shooting From The Hip has reach 30 posts and I hope that I am over the hump.

Yesterday I try to shoot for the TFTTF weekend challenge .The subject is round.I so far have only found the cliche images.A bicycle tire,Car wheels top of a morning coffee cup.I need something out of the box.What I mean is that with other aspects of photography I can go on you tube or other sources and learn,"this light goes here or this setting dose this on your camera".Creativity is whats in your minds eye.

Some shots you chase.You know what you want and you chase it down but some shots chase you.There is a famous shot taken by Ansel Adams.I love Ansel's work.So much contrast and so much life.After reading his biography and watching some video on his life, I have even more respect for his skills and his philosophy.The photo that he took is called Moonrise Hernandez.He was traveling with his son and had only minuets to take the shots.This was achieved with out the use of all the gizmo and gadgets of the modern camera.He just new his craft.That's the type of photographer that I would like to become.

On the job front still no movements.I still have only had some teasers but nothing to solid.One lead was my own photography franchise taking school kids photos.I would mean no income for a year but I am still checking into it.

This weeks photo is a round about way of wrapping things up.(Pardon the Pun).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunny Mornings

Yesterday morning I went for a drive.There is a bridge that leads no where.Literally!It crosses the prince river and at the end of the bridge is nothing.The land.There was some great opportunity to take photos and lots of listening to the radio.

On Friday I sent for more information on a franchise opportunity for children's photography.Is it a scam,or a certain way to go broke.Who Knows?Or is a way to get what we all want.I Just don't know.

The day today is starting of good.No photography though but some updates to flickr and TFTTF.

This past week on the weekly photo challenge I finished second.I feel these contest are doing me good.Helping to develop my eye.Also I feel more creative in other aspects of life.

I am seriously looking at some lighting equipment for a home studio.One way or the other I will pursue photography as a creative outlet.

This weeks photo ,Tracks.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Morning Walk

Summer has finally arrived in the north and this morning was no exception .We have had some super weather for the last couple days .We celebrated Canada day with good friends and a wonderful BBQ.Not many photo's but a great time.

This morning I challenged my self,A walk around the property with one lens.I got some great shots and some learned a few things about my camera.Here are some results.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blowing your top

Well its been almost two weeks since my last post.It been interesting.We have had a flu epidemic here in town and its put a lot of people flat on their back.Store are half empty and the town is quiet.

Last Saturday I went for a drive and ended up blow my thermostat on my jeep.How ever I did get some good shots.Still on the job hunt.I ave applied for several positions in the photography industry.Let hope.

Here is this weeks shot.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Speed (sorta of )

Well this past week I had the chance to do some sports photography.The local snowmobile club held its annual drag races this past Monday night.Now lets remember something it's June,and we had to drive onto the ice to get close to the action.The shots came out great.It was great fun to get close to the action.
I posted a video montage on you tube.Look under TheHumma

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good friends and Old Whisky

This has been a weekend of saying good bye.Good bye to some dear friends and good by to winter.

The good friends are heading back home,back to Newfoundland.So lots of drinks flowing last night.We are again at a cross roads in our own life.Decisions have been made and now plans are in the works.Tomorrow will be a big day.

On the photography side I joined a group in flickr that is an challenge.52 weeks in black and white.One black and white image every week for a year.Toady's photo was this weeks image.

Good bye to winter.Its the first warm day of the year and though their is still snow on the ground its was warm enough to eat on the deck and even were shorts.A few photo for face book and that's it for the day.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rock and Roll

This morning I got up early and got out the doors.I spent the early part of the day out at a point of land here that has what is called an inukshuk.An Inukshuk is a stone sculptor that looks like a man and its points out that the Inuit were there.Why is this important.Well last weekend I won a photo challenge from Tips from the Top Floor.That is a pod cast from a German photographer ,Chris Marquardt ,that has done over 300 shows and is a real great teacher of digital photography.His web site ,,has a forum that is excellent.They host a weekly photo challenge and I won.So for the next week I got to pick the theme.I picked rocks.So here it is Rock and Roll

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Climbing Mount Adams (spritualy)

It has been a while since I have have added to this blog.It has been to say the least a turbulent couple of weeks here.Many decisions being made and re-made.

I am at a cross road in my life.Caught between a life of security and a life of passion and fire that has been awaken in me.

Tonight I am watching an film on Ansel Adams.With out doubt my favorite photographer and most influential on me.

Ansel Adams in the beginning of his career even took pictures of grads and weddings to make a living while pursuing is art.I feel much the same.I want to have photography as a career but have much weight holding me back.Over the last weeks A decision has been reach.One more year then I can start my goal.We will see if the Passion is still awake by this time next year.

This is this weeks photo.A study in Black and White.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Tutorails

Well first a belated happy mothers day to all the mothers out there.Yesterday I attempted to create my first gimp image.Thank goodness for the Internet.There are so many free tutorials on You tube that I manage to spend half the day just playing around with gimp.I shot several pictures of the kids.I will post the results tonight.Here is my entry for thhe tfttf contest.It called growth.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cold Spring Days

In most of the country spring has sprung.Here however,the snow still covers the ground and the temperatures still hover below freezing.Hard to take a good photo in this weather but I changed my focus (yes the pun was intended)and decided to take some portraits of my little girl.Jasmine will turn four in a month or so and is the sweetest little face you have ever seen.There is so much hope and determination in here eyes.You see she has cerebral palsy and still is unable to walk.

Working with kids is never easy and working with a make shift studio using natural light was even more of an challenge.The only way to control the light was to move the curtains.As the day progressed so did the set.Here is the best of the shots.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Power outages and photo booths

Its been quite a week here in Baker.At the start of theAdd Image week we had rolling power outages and spent two days with only having power for an hour at a time.There wasn't much of a chance to take any photos but there was a great chance to spend time with family.

The store that I work for has just gotten a photo booth.Its a Kodak digital print booth and I was asked to set it up.It was easy enough and it produces a great print.It will be nice to get an 8x10 print from my camera that I don't have to wait to get it back in the mail from some processing plant in the south or have to spend a small fortune on ink from a printer.

I am still strugling with getting white snow.this photo is called croses

Monday, April 13, 2009

Star Wars ,Experimentation and Battery Power

What dose Star Wars ,Experimentation and Battery Power have in common?The answer a Monday night.
I have always been a fan of the photos that have lights streaking through the air or the blurred headlights on a race car in the dawn at Le mans.
I have always wanted to try a shot like this but til I have got a good dslr I haven't been able to.
Tonight my son and I created the above photo.The editing was done in gimp.A freeware ,picture editing program that is a rival to photoshop.
The battery part of the title comes from a lesson learned.Always start a project with a full battery.
Mine died before I could finish the series of shots.I know however that it will be a theme that I will return to.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

Well its Easter morning and another decent day to start shooting.Its cold but bearable.The biggest problem with shooting at this time of year you have a lot snow still every where and it like a giant reflector of the sun.
The hardest thing is to shoot snow.It always comes out bluish grey.I have tried hard to find tricks but I always get that grey cast.
Today's photo is called grass in the snow.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunny days

This morning I got up and went for a drive with my camera.I dint find much to shoot but I got one good shot.

I am still listening to a lot of pod casts.The one that intrigues me the most is tips from the top floor.You can find it on I tunes.

The photo of the day is one of my favorite subject,the dog and the hut.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday museing

Well its Sunday morning and there is coffee in the pot and the Australian grand prix on the TV.I love racing,especially open wheel racing.As sit here and watch the camera angles and shots that the BBC uses as their coverage I see shots that would make great photos.I cant wait to get to the Edmonton Indy to get my chance to shoot.I hope that I can rent a decent large lens that i get some good shots.The problem with shooting motor sports you are quite far away and you need to have a fast lens.This will be the first year that I have had a good digital camera to shoot.This I hope will be a big difference in my shooting style.I can shoot and shoot and not have to worry about how much it will cost me to develop the film.
Yesterday I shot my favorite subject up here.A red hut that is beside my house.I am not sure why I love it so much but it calls to me.It is an old Hudson Bay company out building that a neighbor has bought and uses as storage.It white with a red door.There is lots of texture and the light and shadow plays well in the shots that I take.It also was a subject of one of my first photographic exercises.The course that I was taking asked us to look at an building over period of time.The excises was to observe the way that light hit the structure over an entire day and then over several days.I find my self drawn to this building .I have shot it in B&W,color in portrait and landscape.I have yet to take the perfect photo of it but have been pleased with many of the outcomes of my experiments.
I am still studying my camera.I have come to the conclusion that the more I play with it the better photographer I will become.
Toady's shot is ones of the red hut.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pic of the Day

Well I haven't checked my email for a while and today I received a letter from CBC Canada.The morning news has selected one of my photo's as there picture of the day.Man oh man i was seen in millions of houses today.Well I hope it isn't my 15 mins.of fame.
Here is the raw pic of the caribou that CBC used.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Hard Lesson Learned

If you have ever spent any time on airplanes you notice one thing and that's when the flight attendant starts to talk the passengers zone out.On a recent trip from the nearest big city to home,after 3 days of trying to get home (delays due to weather) I was pretty zoned out when I went to get off the plane.Clearly I remember that the flight attended saying make sure all your cabin baggage is with you but I was so glad to get home that I bolted for the terminal.After an half hour or so I asked my wife if she had seen my camera bag.Panic then in sued when I realized that the bag was still on the plane.Two days later the bag and all the contents was returned safely to me.A big thanks to Calm air.
When I was out, I bought a couple of books and spent quite a bit of times shooting.I also picked up a tripod and a lens hood.
Here are a couple of more shots from the collection of shots in Winnipeg.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

city scapes and doors

Well i have been in the big city all week.Lots of running around and lots of goods shots .The Flickr group weekly themes has a theme this week of doors so this this my submision.This week I also bought some books and some equiptment.hopefuly this will help.If not at least I will have something to read on the 6 hour plane ride back home.
I call this photo Door 633

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Wild Life

For the second day in a row I got to go out and do some wild life photography.Where I live there is a Major herd of the Beverley caribou.The migrate through town.
The Challenge from the photography view is to photograph the snow so its not all grey looking.
here are some photo's.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

cold days and tech blunders

Well its a cold day here in the Arctic.This Morning I had a an opportunity to go out and shoot some Caribou.They migrate into town.They are so close that you don't need super long lens to get half way decent shots.
I shot from my car.This was an interesting exercise in how to set up for a shoot.I took my ipod and camera gear and a blanket.I shot using a cannon 75 - 300mm lens,1:4 5.6 lens.Generally I don't shoot outdoor except in summer.Its just too cold.The car provided a good stable platform and when it got too cold I could turn the heat on.I used the blanket and the window as a tripod.The blanket help cushioned the lens as I held it over the glass.On my Ipod I had a number of digital photography pod cast with tips and tricks.
The day was a lot of fun.The photos were good.
over all a great day of photography.
The tech blunders come from my computer.It seems to have a life of its own.It dose things on its own.Turns on ,off switches is good but frustrating at times.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Been a While

Well its been a while since my last post but I have kept busy.On the photography front I finished my assignment for the NWC and it went over very well.I also attended a function for my son and hosted a great supper bowl party.

I am very interested in sports photography and cant wait till the summer till I can shoot my favorite sport,racing.If every thing goes well I will be in Edmonton Alberta for the Edmonton Indy.Its a great time and hope that we can get some great shots.

This posts photo is called Inukshuk