Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Big Shoot with a Big Model

Well yesterday I got to do a photo shoot with a big model.Both literal and figuratively.Yesterday the store that I work for had their annual kids day with Santa.I have been the unofficial staff photographer for several years now but this year it was different.I had bought a set of strobes for my own use and I used them to provide better lighting.
The set up was a simple one.One strobe at half power with a small soft box as a fill light and a strobe with an umbrella off to my left as the key light.
The set was also fairly simple.The walls were covered with some Christmas wrap.A tree,some presents and a reindeer.An armchair completed the set up.We had over 170 kids come through in about two and a half hour.We printed the pictures right on site.It was quite a day.

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