Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blowing your top

Well its been almost two weeks since my last post.It been interesting.We have had a flu epidemic here in town and its put a lot of people flat on their back.Store are half empty and the town is quiet.

Last Saturday I went for a drive and ended up blow my thermostat on my jeep.How ever I did get some good shots.Still on the job hunt.I ave applied for several positions in the photography industry.Let hope.

Here is this weeks shot.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Speed (sorta of )

Well this past week I had the chance to do some sports photography.The local snowmobile club held its annual drag races this past Monday night.Now lets remember something it's June,and we had to drive onto the ice to get close to the action.The shots came out great.It was great fun to get close to the action.
I posted a video montage on you tube.Look under TheHumma

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good friends and Old Whisky

This has been a weekend of saying good bye.Good bye to some dear friends and good by to winter.

The good friends are heading back home,back to Newfoundland.So lots of drinks flowing last night.We are again at a cross roads in our own life.Decisions have been made and now plans are in the works.Tomorrow will be a big day.

On the photography side I joined a group in flickr that is an challenge.52 weeks in black and white.One black and white image every week for a year.Toady's photo was this weeks image.

Good bye to winter.Its the first warm day of the year and though their is still snow on the ground its was warm enough to eat on the deck and even were shorts.A few photo for face book and that's it for the day.