Friday, March 23, 2012

A shot in the Dark

I was shooting some portraits the other night with my home studio set up when the power went off.I was stuck.My model was upset (my daughter),the studio was as dark as anything and we tripping about the cords and boxes and the evening was a total loss.Strobist's use the camera add on flash units off camera to shoot with.No electrical plug in and the likes.No wires cascading across the floor.Just batteries and wireless transmitters.I  bet if I  had this type of a set up not only would I have gotten the shot but I would have had a very interesting lighting effect with no ambient light.

Monday, January 30, 2012

An old Friend

To all that have read this Blog,
I have been a bad bad Blogger.I have neglected something that had started to take root.After several months of not posting only today have I realized what I have missed.I looked at the blog statistics only to be blown away by the number of hits and comments that the blog has received.So what now?Well its gut check time.Do I believe what I have to say has some merit or am I simply blowing smoke.With what I have read I must be doing some thing right.I must be on the right track with both my blog and my photography.So i thank you all in careing enough to leave a comment and now after a long artist block I will be back and as strong as ever.
Thank you