Sunday, July 19, 2009

30 posts

Generally I am not a good blogger.I tend not to stick with it,but since I started with this one I have manage to be discipline enough to reach a milestone.Shooting From The Hip has reach 30 posts and I hope that I am over the hump.

Yesterday I try to shoot for the TFTTF weekend challenge .The subject is round.I so far have only found the cliche images.A bicycle tire,Car wheels top of a morning coffee cup.I need something out of the box.What I mean is that with other aspects of photography I can go on you tube or other sources and learn,"this light goes here or this setting dose this on your camera".Creativity is whats in your minds eye.

Some shots you chase.You know what you want and you chase it down but some shots chase you.There is a famous shot taken by Ansel Adams.I love Ansel's work.So much contrast and so much life.After reading his biography and watching some video on his life, I have even more respect for his skills and his philosophy.The photo that he took is called Moonrise Hernandez.He was traveling with his son and had only minuets to take the shots.This was achieved with out the use of all the gizmo and gadgets of the modern camera.He just new his craft.That's the type of photographer that I would like to become.

On the job front still no movements.I still have only had some teasers but nothing to solid.One lead was my own photography franchise taking school kids photos.I would mean no income for a year but I am still checking into it.

This weeks photo is a round about way of wrapping things up.(Pardon the Pun).

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