Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunny Mornings

Yesterday morning I went for a drive.There is a bridge that leads no where.Literally!It crosses the prince river and at the end of the bridge is nothing.The land.There was some great opportunity to take photos and lots of listening to the radio.

On Friday I sent for more information on a franchise opportunity for children's photography.Is it a scam,or a certain way to go broke.Who Knows?Or is a way to get what we all want.I Just don't know.

The day today is starting of good.No photography though but some updates to flickr and TFTTF.

This past week on the weekly photo challenge I finished second.I feel these contest are doing me good.Helping to develop my eye.Also I feel more creative in other aspects of life.

I am seriously looking at some lighting equipment for a home studio.One way or the other I will pursue photography as a creative outlet.

This weeks photo ,Tracks.

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