Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning Curve

The learning curve.It's a term we have herd many times,but what is it really?We as human beings all learn at different rates and in different styles.Some people can instantly sit down read the instructions and precisely get to the task at hand.Some people learn best by jumping in and tearing apart the task and making mistakes.Others learn best one on one.Having that interaction between one human and another.The latter is me.I learn best by having a person to bounce my thoughts off of and being shown,but recently I have discovered a new way of one one learning.Youtube!

Youtube is a new library that will on any day have a video on almost any subject that you like.For me it is photography.I love the fact that I can simply type in the subject that i want to learn about and a list of videos produced mainly by amateurs show up.I have learned about dramatic photography,how to start a photography business and studio lighting.

So this is my thank you to Youtube and the people that take the time to post videos for other to watch.

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