Monday, September 7, 2009

A Rough Week Means Back to the Books

The past week has been a rough one.I ended up pulling some mussels in my neck and spent three days in bed.This gave me a lot of time to read and review tips and photography styles.As a amature photographer the learning curve can be steep but sometimes it can also be wavy.
I find that as I attempt to produce what I see in the my minds eye my technical knowledge is not always at the level as where it should be to produce the shot.I love to experiment but not always knowing where the end result will be or knowing what exactly I have done.I keep notes,tons of scribbled message in an unreadable code to any except me.They are all over the place.Just like organizing the hundreds of photo from any given shoot, I now need to what I did to get that particular shot.So a long process in in progress.

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