Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year and A New Decades

Well its a new year and a new decade.Its time for me to push my photography and my blogging to new heights.On the photography front I want to do a project.On the blogging front I ant to get a blog where I am a regular contributor of some meaningful information,thoughts or news.I hope that over the next year you will enjoy my ramblings.

On the photography front I really want to start to create a body of work.Something I can be proud of and a vision of how I see the world.With the flooding in south western NB this past December I realized how delicate the covered bridges that dot the area really are.I have decided to try and photograph as many of them as possible.I have decided to take these photo's over an extended period of time.I will post more as it develops.(Sorry about the pun)

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