Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rain and the best laid plans

Yesterday I stated that I wanted to plan a project that would not only leave a body of work but also challenge my photographic senses.So after long thoughts I have decided to photograph as many of New Brunswick's covered bridges as possible.With the recent weather issues in the province I came to realize how important and fragile these wooden structures are.
The wooden bridge was the choice of builders during their day .The have provided a refuge from weather,a quiet place for young love and platform for young people to prove there bravery through bounding leaps through out the years.
I will start mapping the route that I must take .Weekday nights will be spent finding some these treasures and planing day trips through out the province.Many of these bridges are in Charlotte county,the county that I grew up in.Many of these bridges hold special meaning for me as I too was one those brave boys who would leap off of the bridge to the cool water that lay before.

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