Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Windy Slow Day

Well the month February was a hectic one to say the least and March hasn't started off much better.I have been a bit lax at getting to the blog so here to a new start.
The weather here in the north has started to improve.The days are getting longer and the cold is starting to disappeared.Today however there is a bit of a blow on and I cant get out to do any photography.The clouds how ever are starting to line up for what might be an absolutely gorges sunset.I hope.I have a clear shot of the lake and the buildings are just peeking above the ground snow.
Tonight I have another photo shoot.I 4 month old baby boy.I will attempt to get some Anne Geddes type shots.I love her work.Her use of simple objects such as flower pedals and adding the beauty of the baby really inspires me.

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