Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Documenting Life

This morning as I continue with my quest for a photo a day,I read an interview with Unnikrishnan Ravendranathan a photographer that is part of an unique project called Black Boots Inc.The project is a group of photographers that are documenting life in Mexico,the States and other countries.It is a gritty series that documents street life.The quote is from an interview with Unnikrishanan on the Black Boots Ink web site.

Quote "
I believe making a photograph is a challenge, to watch the play of light, fixing the composition, being in that location at the right moment and to release the shutter on time to capture the perfect moment are some basic challenges in making a remarkable photograph"-Unnikrishnan Ravendranathan

I love this philosophy of making an image as simplistic as possible.In these day of high tech gadgetry it is nice to see the art of photography being boiled down to a simplistic thing.
Here are the links to the interview and black boots ink.
Black Boots Ink

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