Monday, January 11, 2010

It was 40 Years ago.

40 years ago I was 3 years old and a brand new show came on TV.It was the buzz of the land,child programing with friendly monsters ,a lovable frog and many more Muppet's.It was an innovative and creative way to educate children.The episode was always brought to you by a letter and a number.Well 40 years later they are going strong with many of the same friendly monsters still going strong.
Why is this important?Well not only did I get to share some of that magic with daughter the other day but the number that the show was brought to us was the number 2.It stuck with me till i was looking through my lens and low and behold I saw the number 2.I immediately thought of the two headed alien that use to go rinngy dinngy on the Sesame Street.Happy birthday Sesame Street.
Here is my ode to the Number 2

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