Sunday, January 24, 2010

A long Weekend

The best laid plans of man never seem to materialize.I had planned to spend the yesterday shooting a mother and baby shoot.It was going to be a present for an employee of mine who just had a baby boy.That employee was schedule to work on Saturday.Instead of showing up ,working and then coming to the studio with his girlfriend to do the shoot,he decided to stay home.That caused me to be called in to work and made for a very long day.
The days was filled with a lot of time to think.A lot of time to think of my future and my desires.I have been spreading the word about my photography.Trying to drum up some business to help the whole getting started process along.So far no takers.I guess I have to re think the approach.

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  1. I understand your frustration wanting to launch your photography business while dealing with another career. As an artist myself, I have had times in my life where the finances/market and time were conduscive to being a full time artist, doing shows, selling ft, and times where it is not.

    With the country just starting to emerge from an economic slow-down , the arts market took a bit of a beating this past year. But some artists, whatever their genre, are using the slow-down as a time to build a bigger inventory or to expand on their tools for their art or marketing.

    Have you explored possibilities like eBay or Etsy? It would be an opportunity to get your work out there more, possibly network and explore the market from home and around your current work hours.

    Also,the website 'Wetcanvas' has a fantastic photography and business/internet forums that might be appealing for getting more info or even just to share with like-minded people.

    Good luck and hang in there!