Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red ,White and Gold

As I sit here and watch team Canada play for the gold medal in the world Jr's hockey,I am thinking of color.I love black and white photography.I am not sure if it is because it was my first introduction to photography or the the dramatic contrast of a well done black and white photo.
I can still remember the first self developed photo I saw.It was a friend of mine who was so proud of what she had created.I was hooked.I couldn't wait til I was old enough to get into the dark room.

Being what they would today call hyper,I struggled in school and a school councilor gave the opportunity to put my energy into a hobby that now has been with me now for the majority of my life.I can close my eyes and still smell the chemicals of the dark room.I can see the image as it miraculously appears on the paper.

In my quest for a photo a day I am using as many skills and styles as I can.The challenge so far is deciding what photos to use.I struggle to let my self judgment allow my self to say "hey that is a good shots". Are all these master pieces ,no ,but they are good enough to display.
No gold for Canada but here is a little Red and White.

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